Designer Bodies

I started Designer Bodies in January 2015 in the pursuit of happiness.  I needed to get back to doing something I am passionate about – exercise!  

I studied Sport and Exercise in University and graduated with a 2:1, I quickly got a job in a gym as a fitness instructor, but felt out of my depth in terms of feeling comfortable as a trainer, I was lacking in experience and confidence in my knowledge.  I changed career into retail management for around 3 years before deciding to take a risk, and start the Designer Bodies Movement.  Fitness is a massive part of my life, I live breathe, eat, sleep fitness, so if you’re looking for someone who is keen to help you on your path to a better you, you’ve found the right person!


My passion for fitness started when I was around 10 years old.  I climbed everything in sight and my Dad took me to a local climbing centre (Hadrian’s Wall – Falkirk) where I became the Scottish Indoor Climbing Champion twice and competed at a National Level and placed 11th in the UK.  I moved onto athletics at the age of 14, I competed regularly at a regional level and was also scouted to train at a Scottish Talent Camp.  At 18, I moved onto something a little, alternative.  I started learning how to pole dance and progressed onto setting up my own business to supplement my earnings from working in the gym.  Unfortunately as I moved into retail, I had less and less time to focus on this and had to stop.  I’ve always loved being in the gym, lifting weights and really challenging my mind and body.  From my personal experiences and varied background of sport;  I can guide you along your way to your own Designer Body – it’s what you make of it!