One to one Sessions

Pay per session - £30

Block of 10 sessions - £270
one session free

Block of 12 sessions - £280 save £80


Program only no nutritional guidance

£55 (4 weeks) – This involves a programme designed purely for your desired outcome.  I provide you guidance on how to perform the exercises and will need updating every 6 to 8 weeks.  This programme is reasonably successful, but works much better combined with the nutritional package.



Nutrition only – no exercise program

£40 (4 weeks) – This involves a weekly check in with me listing the activity level for the week, your weight and your waist measurements;  as well as weekly adjustments to your guidance if required.



Combo Package

£65 (4 weeks)  – Combining both the nutritional aspect and the training aspect, this will achieve maximal results for your desired outcome.  You will receive a weekly check in with myself and adjustments will be made to ensure that you continue to progress throughout the month.  You receive unlimited access to me through either e-mail, message or phone call for any queries, worries or guidance that you need to keep you on track.