My Training Principles

Train hard and eat your cake – literally…..

Welcome to the magical word of If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM).  Let me change your whole attitude towards what is deemed a “good” or a “bad” food.  IIFYM is also referred to as “flexible dieting”.  This method of “dieting” is completely unrestricted to the foods that you can eat, provided it fits the numbers that are set to you.  Confusing right? – because the only way you can lose weight is to restrict the foods you eat, cut out all the chocolate, crisps, fizzy juice, white carbs, right? WRONG.  This is IIFYM, it’s the place where nothing is off the menu – you can literally eat that cake and get lean – sounds good right?  Just make a decision to change your lifestyle and create your own Designer Body with my help.

Training with Designer Bodies is a fun way of taking control of your body and mind, not to mention completely unrestricted, it’s like you’re not even trying that hard! Your Designer Body is created in the Kitchen…. Not the gym – although that part does help. Bored of eating plain old chicken, broccoli, sprouts, fish etc.?  If you’re ready to trade “clean eating” for a more balanced and sustainable way of life make the right decision. 

As for the gym side, I tend to lean towards heavy weights and minimal cardio. Now ladies, I know what you are thinking:-

“I don’t want to look bulky. Lifting weights makes you look like a man”

Wrong I’m afraid, weights can shape your curves, create the booty you’ve always wanted and get rid of the parts of your body that wobble a little and guys, lets face it, if you had the choice you’d want bigger arms, washboard abs maybe a little booty too.

Have I convinced you yet?

Here at Designer Bodies, we have two main options for you to start your journey.  We offer online training and support as well as one to one sessions at a gym based in Edinburgh.